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I love this place. 26 years ago my parents had one of their first dates here at this very store (the last location down the street actually). Ever since they introduced me to Aahs Gift Store, I have been HOOKED. The cool stuff, vintage posters, and the hilarious gag-worthy (no pun intended), jokester sex toys are extremely entertaining. I could spend all day and all my money here. I come often, and leave with stuff I don’t really need.

If you do plan on coming, beware of the store hours and staff. The staff can be quite weird, and I do notice that they follow to make sure you’re not stealing. I fuck around with them all the time. The creepy guy that works there will literally change aisles like he is “fixing” the products on the shelf. Also, it seems as though they close earlier than other days. As if the manager just makes up hours. Sometimes they close until very late, and sometimes they close very early.

Awesome store!


Review by Jordan S- Valencia Ca.

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